Terms and Conditions

DressMantra Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you have read all the described terms and conditions carefully, must agree with them to visit dressmantra.com. You are bound to be with terms of service, before using, subscribing to any product, payment, delivery, cancellation and rejection. If you do not agree with the terms of service, you cannot move forward.

You are responsible to check these terms periodically because we modify them timely. In case of violation of these conditions, we reserve the right to deny or suspend any user access to our site at dressmantra.com.


  • By reading and accepting these terms you make it certain that you don’t have any issue with this site and you are accepting all its policies terms.
  • On our website if you’re required to open an account, you are requested to provide authentic information about yourself like email and contact details, you ensure that all the provided information is correct and if something happens due to wrong contact information with shipping etc. You are responsible for your password security and confidentiality of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, if they are demanded somewhere. According to our privacy policy, we will protect your data.
  • Before placing an order make it certain that you are satisfied with what you are buying, our team will show you a visual representation of your desired products just to be sure. Then it’s your responsibility to choose your dreamed colour, size and brand. You must have to provide an accurate necessary address that you cannot change after placement of order. We will deliver it to binding address. But, if you have some errors with your address please contact our customer service representative for details at dressmantra.com.
  • We receive prices via credit card, bank transfer, Paytm, UPI and Visa cards, we warrant exact prices of the products. But, if an error occurs on placing price tags on our website we will manage it while informing you. Possibly, we change prices occasionally, just make sure to check our website regularly.
  • We will deliver your product with your purchase details attached with your parcel and our website name mentioned on shipment courier. However, we are not responsible for the matters beyond our control as delay by courier companies, transportation problems and God’s occurring.
  • On the website sometimes, you are provided with blogs, reviews, forums, communication type facilities. You are asked to give your view on communication services. We are supposed to inform you that we can erase anything from those communication points without informing you.
  • We strongly discourage you from not expose your personal information on communication service point, this may be problematic for you. You are answerable if you do some of the following activity:
  • It is informed you that you will also be responsible for posting any unlawful, vulgar, blasphemous, pornographic, material on communication point.
  • Use false identity and provide wrong information, and try to catch other identity details is illegal.
  • You agree that you do not use any copied material from dressmantra.com without permission. You warrant that you are responsible for your uploaded material like images, videos and other files.
  • If we find any fraud element in information details or bank details, we reserve the right to cancel your order.

By accepting these terms you agree that you are happy with our website’s criteria that you must have to follow.