Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By keeping all the privacy terms into a nutshell, we are supposed to win the trust of our clients. Resultantly, we do all the possible things to keep your confidential information regarding transactions and whatever it is. So, what you have to do is just go through our privacy policy terms that are spread here. Besides this, make sure to check these terms occasionally as we update them timely on

1. The pool of personal reachable data

We are committed to collect some of your data if you do nothing except scrolling down our page and just give impressions. Automatically, we get unidentifiable information from your browser. That is (i) Firstly, your IP address from which you’re accessing our website, (ii) your taken time on our website, (iii) you browser’s type plus your operating system, (iv) Lastly, but not least the files you’re searched for plus downloaded files from our website

We keep the above-mentioned information for the sake to make our website more beneficial and responsive for our traffic.

To elevate our clients experience for shopping we use cookies that keep you safe from multiple logins requests. It is not much just a small file that our website put forth to collect your information and interests on our page. Meanwhile, this makes us aware of your activity and interests. You can change if you dislike them from your browser settings. Certainly, cookies give you full advantage of the website but it is up to you either accept or decline.

For online shopping on you are free to provide a small piece of data that is mentioned below;

  • Your login registered information like e-mail and password enable us to approach your account anytime whenever you visit our site
  • On your first purchase, we ask for your name, contact numbers, e-mail accounts, address and your bank account details.

  • Blogs, messages and vice versa that you provide while using our site is stored on our servers.

Else them, sometimes we ask further for your information, that make us certain to provide you with best responses and services.

2.  Use of information:

Our team use all your information to get your access through your interested products, keeping you safe from any problem related to criminal activity and fraud, through your data we keep you updated about online and offline offers, sales and new arrivals. We are committed to collect your data to analyze our customer interests and activities on our page to make more useful for visitors.

To protect third party and customer rights, we tend to divulge personal information of our beloved clients to law enforcement officers.

3. Use of services

Keeping aside enforcement, it’s all up to you to keep us aware of your information either, catching the details we provide you updates about services via our newsletters. But, when you subscribe it you are supposed to provide us with your data. Subscription is entirely volunteer.

4. Security

Surely, to keep your information safe and problem-free from misuse and loss, we have security measures. For monitoring our traffic, website security purposes and to make certain that our services will be available to all users we engage in software programs. To protect your account information and data details we use industry-standard secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Sometimes, we use different other agencies to provide you with better services, to operate our website, to make various features available for the site, send e-mails and messages, for shipping purposes. We are confined to share some of your details with the third party for the sake of security from frauds. You must need to know that policies of our business partners, sponsors and other sites to whom we provide information could be different from us.

5. Complaints terms

We address your complaints with warm hearts, you must have to contact us in case of grievance by mails and calls etc.