Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Even though, we provide our customers with the best satisfactory services but sometimes you might get through some circumstances when you cancel or refund for our product(s). Well, it isn’t a problem, because we don’t have faith in money-making only, our motto is to provide excellent services with satisfaction to our dear customers.

That’s why to carry along this process smoothly and accurately, we have provided all the possible details.

Q. Is it possible to cancel an order, if I change my mind after placing it?

Yeah, you can do this with untreated things within 24 hours after placing the order. 100% money-back guarantee offer is there until 24 hours, besides this, we will send you an e-mail for a confirmation.

Note: Make sure that you cannot cancel the order that will have been passing through ready to ship procedure since then.

Q. Why can’t I cancel post 24 hours orders?

Because, we do believe in quick convenient service on your threshold so, we start step by step procedures after placement of your order

Q. What in that case if I want to cancel post 24 hours orders?

No doubt, it is still possible, if you do this our team deal you with our specific strategy depending on the status of your product(s).

Please make sure that it would take a maximum of 2 working days for us to cancel your order, refunding process and send you a notification through our e-mail service support.

Q. Would there be a delay in shipping?

We try to keep safe our customers from hurdles, but sometimes due to some ups and downs, you might get disturbed. You don’t need to worry in those situations, as we will provide you with alternative solutions and will keep you updated about the status of your order timely.

Q. Is it affordable if I forget to put some details about my desired product?

Well, nothing is there to worry about, mostly customers forget to:

*  Update their shipping details

*  keep informed about measurements

*  inform, if we need clarification about measurements etc.

According to our policy, we tend to reach our customers via registered e-mails and if we don’t get a response we call you. After that, if results are the same then we keep your order on hold until we get you back.